Serenoa Community Information

A golf and family, planned community in Sarasota Florida

SCA Architectural Review Committee:

Any and all improvements or changes affecting the exterior of the home require approval of the ARC. This includes (but not limited to) additions, exterior paint color changes, landscape design, and installation of hurricane shutters. Contact the ARC Chairperson for requests.

Gate and Security:

Gates remain open during daylight hours to allow entrance to the golf club. Procedures for entry of guests when the gates are closed are listed in the Rules and Regulations. Issues with the gate, malfunctions or gate entry devices (cards and clickers) may be obtained by contacting the Security/Gate Chairperson.

Yard Lights:

Our yard lights are the only street lighting in Serenoa. If you will be away for an extended period of time, arrange to have burnt out yard lights replaced. SCA may do this for you at a fee. Our lampposts should be uniform in design per the SCA standard, with matching globes. Part Numbers: MP-36 fluted post (black), six sided value line light (black), optional SB-63 base (black)


Mailboxes are to be uniform in design, per our SCA standard and to be maintained by the homeowner. Part Numbers: MP-36 fluted post (black), DB-29 bracket (black), DB-44 newspaper chute (black), A-3 finial (black), ME-1 mailbox (black) with 2 21/2 inch gold numbers, optional SB-63 base (black)

Mailbox and Lamppost Vendor:

Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs, Keith or Missy McGinnis at 941-480-9005, 740 Commerce Drive, Unit 12, Venice, Fl 34292

Golf Cart Paths:

These paths are for golf use only. Do not walk, jog, roller blade, skateboard, bike, etc. on private property.


Leashes are required, even on sidewalks, and, of course, cleaning up after them goes without saying.

Tennis Courts:

Availability is on a first come first served basis. No reservations. When others are waiting, please limit court time: 60 minutes for singles, 90 minutes for doubles. The courts are for tennis only. No bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, or pets.

Vehicle Parking:

Non-operating vehicles, boats, motor homes, and commercial vehicles (other than those on temporary business) must be inside the garage. No vehicles are allowed on the street overnight.

Water Restrictions:

County water restrictions apply, even though private wells may be available for watering lawns and landscaping. Even numbered houses are on Tuesday and odd number houses are on Thursday.