Have questions? Send a message to a Serenoa commitee member

Fire/Police/Sheriff/Ambulance 911
Sarasota Memorial Hospital 917-8555
Columbia Doctors Hospital 342-1100
Alligator Problems 1-866-392-4286
Sheriff (Non-emergency) 316-1201
Sarasota County Information 861-5000
PCM Management 921-5393 ext 1131


Administration 927-9000
Transportation 486-2141
Lakeview Elementary 361-6571
Sarasota Middle School 361-6464
Riverview High School 923-1484
Sarasota High School (Choice) 955-0181
Pine View School for the Gifted 486-2001


Serenoa Community Association (SCA) 2024 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Vice President - Kris Fanberg
Secretary - Arun Rao
Treasurer - Duane Steyer
Landscape Committee - Kris Fanberg
Infrastructure - Joe Moon
Pond Maintenance - Cary Chichester


Florida Power and Light (FPL) 917-0708
Sarasota County Water 378-6100
Sarasota County Garbage Collection 924-1254
Sarasota Herald Tribune 365-6060
Serenoa Pro Shop 925-2755

Articles of Incorporation, Covenants, By-Laws and Rules & Regulations:

Are all available on our web site under the forms tab or through our management company, PCM. Every homeowner is responsible to read and abide by our Articles of Incorporation, Covenants, By-Laws and Rules & Regulations and any official amendments to them.

Serenoa Community Association Architectural Review Committee:

Any and all improvements or changes affecting the exterior of the home require approval of the ARC. This includes (but not limited to) additions, exterior paint color changes, roof/pool cage/window/lighting changes, landscape design, tree issues and the installation of new hurricane shutters. Contact the ARC Chairperson listed under the Contacts tab.


Gates open every day at 5 AM. They close Sunday-Thursday at 8:30 PM They close Friday-Saturday at 9:30 PM. To open the gate for someone calling from the gate call box, just dial 9 on your phone. The gate code that calls your listed gate phone is your Lot number and must be four digits; for example 0003 for Lot 3, 0055 for Lot 55 and 0194 for lot 194. The number called from the gate can be your cell phone number. To report gate malfunctions, existing clicker or card problems or request new gate entry devices (cards and clickers) contact the Gate and/or Clicker/Cards person listed under the Contacts tab.

Yard Lights:

Our yard lights are the only street lighting in Serenoa. If you will be away for an extended period of time, arrange to have burnt out yard lights replaced. SCA may do this for you at a fee. Our lampposts should be uniform in design per the SCA standard, with matching globes. Part Numbers: MP-36 fluted post (black), Melissa Lighting # 1550 six sided value line light (black), seeded glass, single bulb, and optional SB-63 base (black). Our Infrastructure Chair usually has several on these in stock, as they can take months to obtain. If you would like one, you will be quoted a cost by Infrastructure, check payable to the Serenoa Community Association, installation is not included.


Mailboxes are to be uniform in design, per our SCA standard and to be maintained by the homeowner. Part Numbers: MP-36 fluted post (black), DB-29 bracket (black), DB-44 newspaper chute (black), A-3 finial (black), ME-1 mailbox (black) with 2 21/2 inch gold numbers, optional SB-63 base (black).

Mailbox and Lamppost Vendor:

Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs, Keith McGinnis 813-749-2303 keith@creativemailboxdesigns.com or service Department at 813-818-7100

Golf Cart Paths:

These paths are for golf use only. Do not walk, jog, roller blade, skateboard, bike, etc. on private property.


Leashes are required, even on sidewalks, and, of course, cleaning up after them is a requirement.

Tennis - Pickle Ball Courts:

Availability is on a first come first served basis. No reservations. When others are waiting, please limit court time: 60 minutes for singles, 90 minutes for doubles. The courts are for tennis and pickle ball only. No bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, or pets.

Vehicle Parking/Speed limit in Serenoa:

Non-operating vehicles, all boats, motor homes, and commercial vehicles (other than those on temporary business) must be inside the garage. All vehicles must be parked on the driveway or in the garage, do not park vehicles on the grass. No vehicles are allowed on the street overnight. Our speed limit is 25 MPH.

Water Restrictions:

County water restrictions apply, even though private wells may be available for watering lawns and landscaping. Even numbered houses are on Tuesday and odd number houses are on Thursday. Irrigation is prohibited between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on any allowable day.

Trash Collection:

Trash, recycling and yard waste are normally picked up each Wednesday. Please do not put out your trash cans until late Tuesday night, at the earliest, and bring your cans and bins in by Wednesday evening.

Serenoa Web Site:

Our web site is www.myserenoa.com.


Fishing can only be done from your property, not on the golf course or on Ibis. You can fish from a neighbor’s property only if they have given you previous permission and are home at the time. Fishing from the golf course is not allowed. You can report people fishing on the golf course to the Pro Shop at the number listed above.

Golf Carts:

Golf carts are only to be used on the golf course, directly to and from a residence and the golf course and for the delivery of SCA notices and fliers at the direction of the board or a standing committee. Golf carts are to obey all normal traffic laws such as stop signs and speed limits. All vehicle operators must be licensed drivers. Minors are not allowed to drive golf carts or any other motorized vehicle on the streets or sidewalks of Serenoa. Only Golf Course approved golf carts are allowed on Golf Course property.


Trees are to be kept trimmed to a minimum of 10 feet over the streets and sidewalks.


Do not feed the wildlife, it is mostly illegal to do so